Ashura At My Friends House - Shopping -Visiting Universities In Istanbul - English

Ashura At My Friends House - Shopping -Visiting Universities In Istanbul - English

Hi everyone, merhaba. For five years I have been cooking ashura for  my friends. This year I wanted to film everything.   Tomorrow I'm gonna go there again.  It's the month of ashura right now.   Now I'm going in for the  ingredients for ashura. So let's go. The ingredients since the season  is already all together here.   We have fruits, dried fruits and nuts. The first  ingredient would be cracked wheat "bulgur". Here   it is. But I'm not gonna buy it because my friend is  going to get it. Of course we need some sugar. I'm   not gonna get it. And these are the beans. We will  use white beans and chickpeas. Where is it, here?   And she's gonna buy it. So I'm not gonna  get that.

Okay one pack of dried figs.   You have two types of dried apricot. But this is  lighter, this is darker. Normally I buy this one,   more, it is more flavorful. But I'm gonna  use this. Because it is lighter in colour. And this is called "Antep karası" called.  And it has seed in it. Can be more flavorful,   but again I don't like to have seeds.

So I'm gonna  use regular raisins. We have walnuts, hazelnuts,   "dolmalık fıstık", some pine  nuts, to decorate coconut flakes, and cinnamon. Normally we would use pomegranate   to decorate the topping. But since  it's not the season, I cannot find it. Okay we are having mulberries, chopped pistachio. Good morning. It's 9.00 am. The next day we are in front of my friend's house.   We're gonna have breakfast. And  I'm beginning to make ashura. Last night, I told her to cook the wheat and  rice for five minutes. And leave it overnight.   So it's soaked in all the water. And it is  ready to cook. I transfer it to a bigger pan.   Going to add more water. And begin to  cook while we are eating our breakfast   Of course besides the Turkish tea in the  breakfast, we have sujuk egg, some "simit",   cheese, tomatoes, olives and I brought my  homemade sourdough bread to enjoy together. It's cooking on low heat.

But you have to  stir from time to time. It begins to thicken   as you can see. And I begin to prepare my  dried nuts and fruits while it's cooking. I'm chopping my apricots. I'm going to soak them in hot water   to give more flavour. You can also squeeze  some orange juice if it's the season. And in another bowl, I'm gonna  soak my raisins and mulberries. This time to make my ashura richer, I'm gonna  add some blanched almonds into the ashura. Place some cloves in a piece of fruit wedges,  either apple or peaches. And put it   into ashura. It will cook together and give its  flavour. This way you can take it out easily later. Another option would be to boil them   in a small amount of water. And use  the flavoured water inside the ashura. When   you use metrobus after you get off,  when you press the "akbil" here.   It gives you more money back. If you didn't  write that much, use it after you get off. Just wanted to

give you a note.   We are out of the university. I really liked it,  but of course the decision is up to my daughter.   So I don't know what she's gonna decide. When you buy "ayran" first before you open  it, you have to shake. Merhaba, welcome. You want some too. Yes she wants to. Yet another day. We are  visiting another university.   It's our last day of choosing universities.   And then it's gonna be done. And we're gonna wait.  Today we are in the Yıldız Technical University.   Big tree is beautiful. There is no one in the school,  university. Only the birds are enjoying themselves. So   we visited the Yıldız  Technical University. It's very   big, like a hidden garden, a hidden gem in  Istanbul in the heart of Istanbul.   It has a beautiful park in it. Very big I don't  know where she's gonna go at the end. We'll see.

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