Chicken Rice! Two Turkish Ways - English

Chicken  Rice! Two Turkish Ways - English

Hi everyone merhaba. This is Ayşenur Altan.  Welcome back to my channel. In this episode we   are making Chicken and Rice Two Ways. First one is  "Tavuk Kapama" or Missouri's. It's a famous recipe   baked in the oven from Balkanian countries  as well as Turkey. The next one is which is a famous Turkish street food.  It has slightly different ingredients and   cooked on stovetop. Both are  delicious. So let's begin.   For Tavuk Chicken Kapama or missouri's,  I'm going to use whole chicken. But   simply you can use just a drumstick and I  wanted to show you how I cut into pieces. This is a halfway frozen

 and first  I pressed from the breast part. And then begin cutting with  a knife as you can see. Just make some movements to see  the feel the joint parts and then   first cut the drumstick and then the wings. And I'm also going to cut this piece. And for the drumstick part again, I'm  cutting into 2 parts from the joints. And I end up with 6 pieces. I'm not gonna use the breast part.   They keep it to another recipe. But let me  quickly show you how I separate it from the bones. I'm using pressure cooker to cook my  chicken. But you can use a regular pan also.   Including the bone part from the chicken breast.  I add it

 all and add enough water, some salt.   And going to cook until it is almost soft. I'm using long grain rice. We have different  types original i Turkey. This is "Osmancık". We   also have "Baldo". But you can use any long  grain rice. That doesn't have much starch. And I added 2 and a half cups  of rice and 2 tsp salt and   some hot water to soak for at least half an hour. I cooked my chicken pieces for about 20 minutes  in pressure cooker. They are nice and soft. Now I can begin to cook my rice and  then assemble everything. I'm using wide   pan here. We always use wide pan for rice dishes. Adding about a four tbsp  olive oil and 2 tbsp butter   and while it's heating up,  I'm dicing 2 small onions. Over my

 sautéed onion, I'm gonna add the rice  after I drain that and wash couple of times   to get rid of the starch there is. I'm going to  continue to sauté for a couple of more minutes. Adding about 1 tsp salt. Don't add  much since we also have salt in the   chicken stock and we're gonna use it. And place it evenly to the pan. And place cooked chicken  pieces on top of the rice. Again if you like, you can use only a  drumstick. It will look more appealing   in design. But this way also you end up having  lots of chicken stock from the whole chicken   for 2 and a half cups of rice, I am using 3 and  a half cups of

 chicken stock. And traditionally   we're gonna cook the dish in the oven. Since  my new cast iron pan is suitable for oven,   I'm gonna bake directly in the pan closing the  lid. If you don't have simply use a deep dish pan   placing the rice first and the chickens and  cover it with baking paper and aluminum foil.   I'm checking the rice. It was a bit al dente, not very  soft. So I drizzled some more water   and place it in the upper shelf. Because  I was also baking some "Kadayıf". And cooked a bit more. Then

 check again.  After your rice is soft, just take out the lid   and continue to cook until you have  some nice brown color on the chicken. So here it is as you can see it has some nice  golden spots both on rice and the chicken.   Traditionally we didn't use spice. The only  taste you can get is a full chicken flavor.   But I would recommend to sprinkle black pepper on  top while eating. Rice with Chicken and Chickpeas. This is the more common version. You can  see as a street food in Turkey either in   small eateries like this or  in push cards on the street. In this version we use cooked chickpeas  either from can or you can cook it yourself.   Again soaked rice and boiled chicken. This  time we need to separate the chicken pieces   from the bones in small pieces, while  sauteing the rice only without the onion   in

 some butter. Again using the chicken stock  from the chicken. And this time placing the   cooked chickpeas on top and  while it is cooking on stovetop. You separate the chicken meat. And after the rice is cooked, you place  it on top of the rice and chickpeas. And after it is rested, it's ready to  serve. Of course if you willing to try,   make sure to watch the whole  episode from the links.   And this is how we serve. You just  press it lightly to a bowl and then transfer it to a plate.   Placing more chicken on top

 and of course  plentiful of black pepper if you are preparing.   I'm curious about which way would you prefer to  try first. Give a comment and I hope you try the   both versions and enjoy it with your family and  friends. I have many other chicken recipes and   traditional Turkish recipes on my channel. You  can check from the archive. Thanks for watching   and I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish  Food Recipes and Travel vlogs. Afiyet olsun! 

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