Hi everyone welcome . This is Ayshenur Altan. In this episode, we are making Malaga cake. It's a chocolate banana cake, popularly served in Turkish cafes individually. It has a cake base and cream on top, a whole banana. You spread the ganache. It's very delicious. We're gonna make it an easy way with the same ingredients in an easy version. I'm gonna crack two eggs. add half a cup sugar, mix until it is frothy. So I added a fourth of a cup of vegetable oil, half a cup of milk and over that, I'm gonna sift my dry ingredients. 3/4 of a cup flour, 2 tbsp cornstarch. It is optional but gives


 more delicate texture. It is not leveled so I'm gonna complete it with cocoa powder. One pack baking powder, teaspoon vanilla beans. I'm using beans add one tablespoon more cocoa powder and mix. So for the consistency, I added two tablespoons more flour and cornstarch. It is still runny. I oiled my pan the oven is heated to 170-celsius degrees and it goes to the oven for about 20 minutes. Because it's thin, we're gonna check it. While the cake is baking in the oven, let's make the pudding. I'm gonna use one

 egg yolk, six tablespoon sugar, one heaped tablespoon cornstarch, two and a half heaped tablespoon all-purpose flour. Let's add little bit of milk from the two and a half cups and add the rest. I'm gonna cook until it thickens them bubbly. So i want it to cool down faster. I'm gonna pour it in here. I have some ice-cold water. My cake is done. It took about 20 minutes. It springs back, so it's baked well. Let's wait for five minutes to cool down a bit and then I'm gonna pour some meat and moisten the cake. "moisten" the cake After the pudding cooled down, to make it more fluffy and silky, I whisked it with a hand mixer. And added about 2 heaps tablespoons of cream chantilly powder. Normally we use it to


 make whipped cream by whisking with cold milk and if you do this together with the homemade pudding, it makes it more silky and creamy. You can use heavy cream if you like or lighten it with some whipped cream too. My kitchen is very versatile. So my cake and cream are ready pudding before I assemble everything, I want to make my ganache. I have a double boiler. It is not necessary. You can put a small pan like this and another bowl that fits here. And the bottom doesn't touch the water. We're just creating steam. This is the "kaymak" the cream I make from unpasteurized fresh milk. I have the

Breakfast with rose jam 

 recipe on the channel and use it like a double cream or heavy cream. We usually eat this at breakfast with rose jam or other my favorite jams. But this time I'm gonna use this for the recipe. It is very thick so I'm gonna scale. I might not need to use all of it. And going to add half bittersweet and half milk chocolate. You see how thick it is. Normally we would buy heavy cream for it. It is not natural. They do at some thickeners so I don't like to use it. (How is it where you like?) Let me add more milk to complete. I added hundred-milliliter heavy cream. Since this is thick, I measured with the milk and now let's heat it up. I'm gonna heat the mixture with steam and it will be a nice thick ganache, chocolate

 cream. My ganache is ready too. so I can begin to assemble everything. we have these Turkish bananas. They are smaller in size and flavorful. Perfect for this recipe. If you have bigger ones, you can cut them in half maybe in veggies, so you can place them easily here. so let's assemble. (I am curious from which country are you watching from?) To soften my ganache I added about half a tablespoon butter and melted and for extra crunchiness and texture some chopped hazelnuts. (You can easily support the channel even with your likes, shares, and comments so others can see the video) To finish decorating my cake I melted some white chocolate. but since my pan was too big, it hardened. so I had to add some milk to melt it again and it was still delicious. But in like sweetened condensed milk

Drizzle it over my Malaga cake

 consistency so I melted the second patch in a smaller heatproof bowl and then drizzle it over my Malaga cake. Okay, let's serve it and take a look. it looks very delicious. I'm gonna taste it but I  have to take some photos first before the sun sets, near the window. so let's go  Can you leave  or  emoji if you see this?  Let me see who is here till the end  And we tried as a family and loved it the only point i

 want to say is; it could have been better if I used 12 bananas instead of 10. So it would be narrow slices. You can still eat. It's so delicious. And what we are doing now is: it's nighttime almost and we have our dessert but not dinner I'm gonna make an easy "fake manti" with pasta and ground beef sauce and I have the recipe on the channel. You can look from here. I hope you try and like it see you next time... 

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