BEST TURKISH PIDE Pizza Recipe I Can Make Every Week! Mediterranean Flatbread! - English


BEST TURKISH PIDE  Pizza Recipe I Can Make Every Week! Mediterranean Flatbread! - English

Hi everyone Merhaba. This is Ayşenur Altan. I'm very excited. We are making Turkish pide. It's a well-known bakery product with different kinds of toppings and shapes, depending on the region of Turkey. It's very popular everywhere. Either with ground beef or cheese filling (Margherita), any kind of filling is very delicious. Kind of a weekend treat. Today is also Sunday, and my daughter is eagerly waiting to eat the pide with a delicious "Ayran" drink. I'm gonna show you that too so let's begin. (Simple yeast dough) I'm gonna use two cups of warm water, one teaspoon sugar, about 25 grams fresh yeast (you can use one tablespoon dry), and first I'm gonna add about five cups of flour and then gradually add more

 until it is unsticky and smooth along with two teaspoons salt. (Did you know, you can support the channel just by sharing, commenting and watching till the end :) So my dough is done. I just make it kind of, doesn't matter and wait until it doubles and meanwhile we can prepare the filling. First, I'm gonna prepare the minced meat filling. Okay, we're gonna use onion, tomato, peppers. Traditionally you cut them with a special knife. It has two handles and is in a round shape and you cut it like this. Everything together. But since we are home cooks, I wanna show you the easy way and I'm gonna use a food processor for it. One medium-size onion. Two green peppers. One red pepper. This is kind of big

Making Turkish pide

 so I'm gonna use it about this much. And one medium-sized tomato. 250 grams ground beef Along with salt and pepper, I'm adding one teaspoon of each tomato and red pepper paste. If you cannot find a red pepper paste don't worry it will still be delicious. But if you can make sure to use it and you can also make it I have the recipe on my channel. For the spinach filling, simply process one small onion along with two handfuls of spinach, some salt black pepper, and process until cut into small pieces. My

 spinach filling is ready too. And next the cheese filling. I'm gonna use two kinds of cheese. One kashar and white cheese, Turkish white cheese. You can use mozzarella or any kind of cheese that can ooze as well, finally some sujuk. I have my preparations ready, so the dough. Let's get it now and then shape it. So let's cut this into half first. Cut this into two again. I cut it into half and then a one-part into six. I'm gonna turn it into balls, sprinkle some flour, and then we're gonna make it into a long oval shape. (Don't forget to comment where you are watching from and if you tried already) Add about 2 full tablespoons from the mincemeat filling and spread it evenly. Then fold about one centimetre from the sides and

Mincemeat filling and spread it evenly

 press it. And pinch the ends. And you see. It gets even longer. If I had more space, I could stretch it a bit. I made it a little bit this way so I can stretch it a bit more. And I'm just gonna egg wash it. Bake in a 250 C degrees preheated oven. As soon as I pop it, I continue to shape the others. This time I'm gonna use my spinach filling along with some sujuk and cheese. You can mix them according to your taste or orders from the family. Add from the filling, and seal it in the middle like this. And fold it to one side

 And you can now make it a bit more longer. You might need to alternately change the tray so the top and bottom can cook evenly. I cut the other half of the dough into five. Two of them are bigger. This time I used minced meat filling for two and the other one only with kashar and white cheese mixture. Make sure to press the sides so they don't open in the oven. and bake. As soon as my "pides" are out of the oven I brush them with butter and close them to keep them soft. I shape the last two dough pieces

 into a round like a pizza. And top it with cheese and sujuk. So this is the third party and as soon as I get it from the oven, I brush it with butter and... The microphone! I just smashed the microphone. I'm gonna transfer them here too since this is hotter. While I'm waiting for the other two, let's make the "Ayran"

Round like a pizza

 You wouldn't believe what just happened. My camera battery died. My battery charger died too. It's not charging so it took me another 15 minutes to figure out which camera I should use. And back to making the "Aryan" whisk the yoghurt, some salt. Normally I add cold water and just whisk. one-third yoghurt and two-thirds water would be nice. You can make it thicker if you like. Traditionally we crack an egg, two minutes before taking the "pied" out from the oven. But it waited because of the technical problem

 but still, I wanted to show you So let's try some. Here are the last two ones. -Do you want to eat Zeynep? Let me give my daughter one. She has been waiting for a long time, taking my photos. Here you go! This is how you eat let's taste together. I didn't get my "Ayran" well, it's really good, it's worth it. I'm gonna continue to eat with my family now. Make sure to make "Ayran" . Let me also show you how you eat this one. You get from here, you break the yolk and enjoy it! Thanks for reading. I hope to see you in other delicious Turkish food recipes and travel vlogs.

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