Cooking Turkish Food With AMERICAN 4 Dishes & More - English


Cooking Turkish Food With AMERICAN 4 Dishes & More - English

Hi how are you? we are back home. yeah. it's perfectly done by max it's not perfect but it's good enough. We don't use many spices for the kofta. that's when you really feel it starts to become like a meatball. a variety of this that they expect. yeah, I need about 50 of these. I'm going to the market came to Pazartürk to meet with Max, a YouTuber from the United States. we're gonna have some shopping and then go back home to prepare a complete Turkish menu. We are just looking around and talking This is Kastamonu my city. This is a special ancient wheat, a more healthy version of rice. Ezine. 

It is aged like 12 months or even 24 months. oh wow. is it from a goat or a sheep or? really salty at all just nice and fresh mm-hmm it's a little bit creamy too this is from both, uh you see this is different this is not crumbly like you can't slice it better like the mozzarella. okay almost ready to go. is it the first time you tried the dried apricot? yeah here yeah I haven't had much of the dry fruit but it's very sweet! okay so this is a different one here okay looks fine. okay, we are back home. I already made the first uh shekerpare dough and we're gonna shape it now. go ahead I like it put on the show be like all the pastry shops in Istanbul they just listen yeah it is okay. just yeah, looks nice. you can help with your finger to

 take it out. Have you tasted borek? flaky no okay you should! I'm trying, I'm trying to trace everything I can. we are tall, I cannot eat everything. I can lean over. there. So it's perfectly done by Max. looks really nice. it's not perfect but it's good enough. let's take it to the oven. So let's make the kofta now! We made the preparations for the kofta potato dish. Here are the peeled potatoes and we're gonna make it now the kofta dough. So i'm gonna use the food processor. yeah normally, traditionally they just grate the onions, mix everything. she's actually gonna use the bread that's just a little bit stale, just kind of

 help bind this a little bit more. okay, the meat and the spices as you said we don't use much spice for the kofta. so you taste the meat. black pepper just to make it a little bit soft I'm gonna add some water too. okay, how is it going? it's going well. Learning a lot. mm-hmm. uh now making the kofta here. Just getting that last little step of working it. and that's when you really feel it start to become like that meatball. get your hands in there. yes exactly. The best way to cook is to get your hands in there. yes. maybe a little big but we'll be okay. Our shekerpare is almost done. smells delicious. and I put borek from the freezer that I made earlier, doing good. I usually save the bits for the last if it's like soaks I add

 more. Turkish history and cuisine you can see a variety of this that dates back to the Ottoman empire in 1469. there are a few records but they made a charred instead of cucumber. but this actually cacık dates back to the 17th century. when you can see it in the first cookbooks. we are doing the "cacık" now. if you had the pilav ready, the lentil soup is ready. we're gonna make the cacik as I said and the choban salad. we're gonna do it the chef way while he's still eating and standing up in the kitchen we're just

 gonna pick at it now sit down. oh I like the hand though as well I like it a little bit thicker. I like it a little bit of all. even the potato feelings like creamy. creamy crunchy creamy cream looks nice a bit more. thanks to Max. he brought us delicious Turkish desserts as a gift. we have queen's dessert here and "bread kadayıf" I'm gonna serve it with "kaymak" and of course, the one we made shekerpare. lots of sweets. yes and I'm gonna put all the links I have the recipes already uh you can check for the recipes nice pattern you got MAx. it looks nice right what do you think? I think it looks amazing and we did it

 like in three hours? yeah, two-three hours. We were waiting for like after to be done. so let's try! These are sweet drinks like we do in America they kind of like salty so this is a fermented turnip. and that may make you thirstier it's pretty salty. I didn't bring the bread. Ohh really? Look amazing look at it with that butter and paprika mixture it's just. we actually forgot we bought fresh bread we just got so busy cooking no Turkish table is complete without bread. yes. Thank you so much. you're welcome! thank you for the meal uh it looks spectacular. I learned so much from you and I'm excited because the aromas are intense. You impressed me with your knowledge actually. you really research before you

 come. you know very well. Do you say a prayer or anything if you'd like you can yeah we only say "Bismillahirrahmanirrahim" It's a bit long yeah only, only... you can say bismillah, bismillah. It means with the name of Allah, with the name of God we begin. okay so that it usually do you do a prayer before or after you eat? before. before so you just say yeah bismillah. bismillah yeah. and then okay And after we finish we say "Alhamdulillah" which means thank to Allah Alhamdulillah yes oh, that's

 really nice especially for as simple it was. but I really like your flour edition. mm-hmm right you didn't think you could uh really taste it but you can. it does add a little depth to the layer. and this is very

 special bread and design more eaten around Ramadan yes "Ramazan pidesi" During Ramadan, we break our fast breakfast dishes with all these cheeses, dates. kind of a light breakfast and some people like give some bread. because you fast during the day. Do your evening prayer and then come back and eat the main dish. Not be too sleepy for prayer yeah yeah okay. For us especially, our family during Ramadan, our dinner mostly begins with soup. right. And breakfast because we prefer to eat lighter. right. but this is kind of traditional way. We like to eat light beside the day. Soup, and then the main

 dish, rice. This is how we do. were like we'll do this, this, is like whoa whoa whoa. Ramadan's coming soon. yeah, you know that. yeah, have you tried fasting? hmm, I think the first time I'm participating in Ramadan was four years ago. I was in Malaysia at the time. I don't know sometimes I'll fast in this during the month. just because you feel good you know. after a couple of days even though you eat less, begin to feel better. right. and you don't want everything to eat. Our prophet recommends also eating not too many varieties at the table. Of course, we show our respect when the guests come the home. Give as much food as we can but for yourself eat less. right. let me get a big kofta for you. The ones I

 made yeah thank you so much, sağol enjoy! Rica ederim. is falling apart here rice and orzo first time for me I don't know how it could not be good with all that butter. just almost like a main dish itself. it's so flavorful. yeah, it should be also fluffy. when you just move it around it doesn't stick, any of it. So it means that it's cooked well. so what do you think Max? For the kofta potato, love it. like I said it's just so soft and tender. and you put the oven for a long time, flavors come together. it really just reminds me of my grandmother and so I'm really thankful for that. because I just love those flashbacks uh. and then

 the rice is really special. you know you take those little steps. first, to kind of brown that butter with orzo it's nutty it's bold. very strong, flavor light fluffy cook it perfectly. I'm glad you liked it. it's my favorite from childhood the orzo pasta the rice. and also the kofta and potato, I can say that. and I'm happy to hear that it reminded your grandma. all right very nice thank you so much! So what are these called? you don't call them dolma. so I keep trying to call you dolmas. "Sarma" means to roll, and this is like grape leaves in olive oil. it is vegetarian and eating cold. there's about 50 of them over here because I bet yeah, I need about 50 of these I can eat the whole plate right there no problem, enjoy it.

 you snack on those all-day since I try many recipes for filming sometimes I don't make the classic dishes this is one of them. I'm just gonna break it off, okay. wow, that semolina flour gives you kind of like that just almost dissolved brown sugar texture. But that sugar is what saturated cooking. It doesn't come off too sweet I don't know if it's that lemon or what it's got the rice sweet balance to it it was a beautiful dessert. Thank you again so much for the meal. you're welcome, enjoy! okay, my friends, we

 finished our day making the whole Turkish menu together. It was a really nice beginning from the shopping, uh we had a nice talk. and enjoyed like uh till the afternoon. it's like the sun setting right now. Oh thank you for coming Max! yeah that's really nice. thank you for the invite. thank you for letting me into your home and I said give me your whole Saturday oh sorry you had to cook and clean. it's fine. I always enjoy it especially, if I see someone interested in Turkish cuisine. I always open my home and heart. I appreciate that, your expert so I feel fortunate to learn from you. that you're welcome thanks for coming by okay. 

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