Deliciously Simple Turkish Style Chicken Menu - English


Deliciously Simple Turkish Style Chicken Menu - English

Hi everyone merhaba. This is Aysenur  Altan. Welcome back to my channel.   In this episode with a main dish and two side  dishes, I'm making a very easy full menu.   First we gonna make Sautéed  Oyster Mushrooms with Vegetables.   It's a rich and flavorful side dish. And as  a main dish, I'm making Chicken Drumstick   with Potato. I'm gonna fry them in a pan. It's  very easy, in no time it will be ready to cook.   It's gonna be so easy and  delicious. So let's make it. I have about 1 kilogram seven drumstick.  I'm pricking them couple of times.   So they can soak the marinade better. And for the

 marinade, I'm adding tsp each red  pepper flakes pulbiber, black pepper, oregano,   curry and again full 1 tbsp tomato paste, 2 cloves of garlic, about 3-4 tbsp vegetable oil and give it a  good mix. Rub all the mixture to the chicken.   Cover and let it sit in the fridge at least  3-4 hours if you have time or up to overnight. For the Sautéed Mushrooms; I have about 500  grams mushroom. We call this "İstiridye Mantarı".   It translates as a Oyster Mushroom.  But the photo on google doesn't seem   the same. So give me a comment  if you know the exact name. I'm gonna use about 3-4 red  onions to give extra

 flavor. Make sure to use widest pan available.   Adding about 3 tbsp each vegetable and olive oil.  And going to sauté the onions. Meanwhile I want to   thank to my members for joining to my membership  program to support the channel and being a part   of it. I cannot wait to make my first online  classes, especially for the membership program.   I'm gonna roughly slice my mushrooms. They're  gonna reduce. So it doesn't have to be very small. But normally first I had to add my green peppers.  But I forgot and begin with the mushroom next.   So it would be a better if you continue with  the green

 peppers. First my heat is very high and then I realized the green peppers   I placed a room for them in my pan. So they  can get the heat first without being too juicy. And also added some red peppers  "kapya" peppers from the freezer.   And after couple of minutes I mix them all again. Next the tomatoes. It is still not the season.  The tomatoes are expensive. So I added only one   after peeling. But if it's the season, you  can add even more. It's gonna make more tasty. Some salt and couple of cloves of garlic. And to give some more flavor and color,  I added about a tbsp tomato paste. Drizzled some olive oil to sauté a little  bit and then mix everything back again. Drizzle some water, not too much,  about half cups and oregano. And about a tsp butter and let it cook  simmering until the mushrooms are soft.

 As a final touch I sprinkled some  red pepper flakes "pul biber".   And my sautéed mushroom is done. As a side dish I'm gonna make a bulgur  wheat bulgur pilaf with vermicelli pasta.   It is similar to rice pilaf it  or the pasta I shared with you. You just brown the pasta first and then sauté the   bulgur wheat. Add the water. I wanted to flavor  it with some bay leaves and cook it until soft.   I'm gonna share its

 recipe in another episode.  So you can find it easily in the archive. For the Chicken Drumstick with Potatoes and  Peppers, I'm heating up my cast iron wide pan. And going to first fry the drumsticks. After about 10 minutes, I turn them over.   Make sure the skin is still intact. Because  it prevents the meat from drying out. And place the meat parts on the outer  side. So they will look prettier and   now we're gonna place the  potatoes between the drumstick. To the same bowl, I marinate my chicken. I cut  the potatoes in wedges and mix it well to get the   sauce and the seasonings and stuck  them between the chicken drumsticks. Next, I have some green peppers would  be better if they are small like this   in the

 same size of the chickens. Place them along with onion wedges. And finally I'm not leaving the  bowl again to get every bit of the   marinade. I just drizzled some water and pour  over my chicken to cook on a low medium heat.   It takes about not more than 20 minutes to  cook. Check with a knife and it's ready.   If you want to brown the top, you can broil  on high for about 10 minutes in the oven.   You can complete the menu with some  "cacık" Shredded Cucumbers and Yogurt   or some Shepherd Salad,

 simply tomatoes and  cucumbers cut in cubes and enjoy your meal. Personally sometimes I skip the salad part and  just serve plain yogurt with the dishes. But we   usually have our dessert and this time it was Easy  Strawberry Cake with Ladyfingers that I shared in   the previous episode. So I hope you try and enjoy  my menu with your family and friends. Don't forget   to share your comments with me. I have many other  chicken recipes and many ideas on my channel.   Check the links down below for more.Thanks for  watching and see you next time. Afiyet olsun! 

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