Dont fry Zucchinis Delicious Courgette Recipe With Few Ingredients - English

Dont fry Zucchinis Delicious Courgette Recipe With Few Ingredients - English


Hi everyone, merhaba. This is Aysenur Altan.   Let's make an easy main dish with few  ingredients, to turn simple zucchini into a meal. You don't need to fry. Yet it comes out very  flavorful with a healthier version to cook.   The result is impressive and  delicious. My family loved it.   You can serve it with rice or pasta or just  slices of whole wheat bread and bolo salad.   I will also give you other ideas to make  delicious dishes with zucchinis turkish bay.   So let's get started. I have five zucchinis, one big size onion,  two tomatoes, couple of cloves of garlic,   about 100 grams ground beef, olive  oil some salt and black pepper.   Use the widest pan available. Because we don't  want to stir and overcrowd the pan,

 since zucchini   is delicate after it is cooked. I'm gonna begin  by sautéeing ing my ground beef in olive oil. While it's cooking, I'm going to  cut my onion into small cubes. To sauté my ground beef easily and to separate  it into pieces, I'm drizzling some water on top,   about a one to two tbsp. And cook  until the meat change its color.   Seasoning it with some salt. And since my meat  didn't have much fat, I add a bit more olive oil.   I'm gonna continue to sauté until  the onions are troguhly cooked. Meanwhile I'm gonna peel and chop my garlics.   You can just press with a big knife to,  crack the garlic and peel it

 easily. Let me note that, I could easily  prepare everything and make it   ready for the videos. But from time to time,   I like to show you how I cut the veggies or peel  them. So some people can get ideas especially,   if you are not working in the kitchen that  much. So uh write down your opinions about it.   And to grate my tomatoes,  I just cut them into two,   without peeling the skin. And you can  easily just grate it. And make a puree.   If it's not the season, you can  also use canned pureed tomatoes   or just tomato paste. Since I have tomatoes,  I'm using only about a one tbsp tomato paste.   Make sure to sauté the paste  before adding the tomatoes.   To a cook a little bit and have  some nutty delicious flavor to it. I'm gonna simmer everything a bit for about five  to ten minutes. And meanwhile I'm cutting my  

 zucchinis. I'm going to just cut it  into three piece and then slice it. It is about a half centimeter in thickness.   I didn't peel the zucchinis. Just scrape  it a little bit, to keep some of the skin.   And continue to slice it until I  finish. My base is nicely cooked. The sauce is shiny. And I'm going to season  it with it with some salt and black pepper   and some paprika. And as a final touch to give some  extra taste, just sprinkle some sugar.   And here we go our zucchinis. You can gently stir. We're not gonna stir fry  it. Just let the sauce mixed by the zucchinis.   And before adding the water, I wanted to steam  them a little bit, to give more flavor into the   zucchinis. I tasted one. It was halfway cooked.  You can still stir it. I

 just added enough water,   not to cover all the way. But halfway I can say.  I want to have some sauce on my dish. But not like   very juicy. Just enough water  to dip your fresh bread maybe. So here it is. I continue  to cook until it is soft.   Turn off the heat and rest it for  a half an hour. And it's ready. You can serve it with rice pilaf or a pasta or to  make it lighter, just have some whole wheat bread.   And enjoy it. Comparing it that  we didn't fry the zucchini,   to give extra flavor. It was really flavorful and 

 powerful, tasty dish. But if you are vegetarian   and looking for recipes with zucchini, let  me give you some other ideas from my archive.   The first one is, zucchinis in olive  oil. It has similar ingredients. But   only without ground beef. You sauté the onions  and tomatoes and then add the sliced zucchinis. Along with some rice. And cook until soft. It has  less water. You can eat it warm or cold in summer.   So delicious. Another favorite dish, I'm making  with zucchini, is zucchini and carrot salad.   After

 sautéeing the shredded zucchinis  and carrots, you mix it with some   yogurt, dill. Seasoning it with some salt.  And it's ready. Serve it as a salad side dish,   with some meals or on tea parties.  Make sure to try if you haven't yet. And the third recipe, I would suggest  to make with zucchini is "Mücver".   

It is kind of a fritter Turkish style along  with the zucchinis. We have white cheese,   fresh herbs, "pul biber". And it is deep fried,  to give extra flavor. So yummy. So what's your   favorite dish to make with zucchini. Give it  a comment. Thanks for watching. I hope to see   you in another delicious Turkish Food  Recipes and Travel vlogs. Afiyet olsun! 

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