Dont Miss This Sauce Acuka A Perfect Spread Or Dip - English


Dont Miss This Sauce Acuka A Perfect Spread Or Dip - English

Merhaba everyone. I have a delicious and easy  spread to brighten up your breakfast or use as   a dipping sauce with meat pasta dishes. Either  way it's perfect for enjoying the rich summer   taste of grilled tomatoes, red peppers, some  spices and walnuts year long. So let's begin. I have one and a half kilogram red pepper,  one kilogram tomato, one big head of   garlic a mix of seven spices. I'm gonna explain  the ingredients later the spices. About a half-cup   to one cup of walnuts, some salt, about one heaped  tbsp of red pepper paste. I have a mix of   red pepper and tomato I'm gonna use this, and  more than half a cup of extra virgin olive oil.  First I'm going to peel my tomatoes   to make it easy. I'm gonna cut  an X on the bottom of the tomato   and boil in hot water for about two  minutes until I can easily

Delicious and easy  spread to brighten

 peel it off. In Turkey, to grill vegetables, we have  this thin pan. You can also grill them   in the oven but, you get the taste better the smoky  flavor when you do it like this on the stovetop. I'm working with all of them together and  here is the second batch of the tomatoes.   And now I can easily peel it. It's still  hot. So I couldn't touch it that much.  From time to time, I'm turning over the   red peppers until I have some nice  color and they are soft on all sides.  The first one is ready to keep them closed to make  steam inside. So you can peel it better later on. Now I'm gonna take out the  stem part of the tomatoes  

 and cut them roughly into three-four pieces  and process until it's pureed completely. If there is a clear juice in the bowl  left, don't use it. Because we already   want to thicken our sauce. So  you don't have to add that. Checking my peppers again and I'm gonna continue  to grill them until I finished. Meanwhile,   I will begin to cook my tomato sauce   in about half a cup of olive oil. If I need, I'm gonna add more later.   Make sure to thicken the tomato sauce  before adding the other ingredients.   And while I do that, I will  begin to peel my red peppers.   Since it was steamy and wet inside, the bowl as  you can see, it's not very hard to peel them.  First I peeled everything and then begin  to take out the

Checking my peppers again 

 seeds and the stem parts.   To help puréeing it, you can roughly cut it into  cubes and then put it in the food processor.   My tomato sauce is thickened well. So now I can add a pepper paste   about one heaped tbsp and going to cook for  a couple of minutes before adding the red peppers. As you can see, I have nice thick sauce again   with the tomatoes and red pepper paste. Now It's time to add the grilled red peppers. I'm gonna continue to simmer, stirring from time  to time, until it has nice spreadable consistency.   And meanwhile, I'm sterilizing my  jars. So I can keep them year long. It's time to flavor our "Acuka" sauce.   I added about two tsp salt   and about four of a cup more olive oil.   If you wanna can the sauce,  make sure to sterilize the lids   and the utensils you're gonna use.  Now it's time to add

 the spices. Here are the  colorful and flavorful seven spices I'm gonna use: The spice mix is very intense in flavor.  You can use in breakfast Just dip the bread  into olive oil and then this spice mix.   Rub it to before grilling your chicken,  season your potato chips. It's very delicious.   I didn't want to add everything all  at once, wanted to taste it before. That's why, I mixed everything in a  bowl and

Along with the spices

 gradually add it to my sauce. Along with the spices, I'm adding five  to six cloves of garlic and half to   a little more than half a cup of chopped walnuts. And finally ingredient about a tsp of sugar.  I tasted and added more from the spice mix.   It will probably hard to find the spice mix,  unless you come to visit Turkey make sure to buy.   You can do it on your own. Just add one tsp each from every spice to a bowl. And then   you gradually add to the sauce by tasting  until you have the desired flavor. I got about four small jars of  this delicious "Acuka" sauce   and a bit left to enjoy in the breakfast. It was very

 delicious my friends. We  opened the second jar the next day.   So I need to do more, if I want to keep  it for the winter. So give it a try. and share your thoughts with  me, if you have similar recipes. On my channel, I also have tomato and red pepper  paste recipes. Make sure to check them if you   want to

 make at home. Another "Acuka" recipe  from store-bought tomato and red pepper paste.   And "ajwar" recipe which has grilled eggplants along  with red peppers. So thanks for watching. I   hope to see you in another delicious Turkish Food  Recipes and Travel vlogs. Afiyet olsun ! "Bon apetit!" 

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