Easy Turkish Dinner Menu For Weekdays! Green peas rice soup & more English


Easy Turkish Dinner Menu For Weekdays! Green peas rice soup & more English

I'm making a classic Turkish menu for dinner. Some  green peas from the freezer, potatoes, carrots. I   had some sauteed ground beef in the fridge. So I  will add it. But it's optional and as an essential   ingredients, I'm gonna use some tomato, red pepper  paste, paprika, black pepper, salt and onion. As most of the classic steel dishes, I'm going  to first sauté my onion in some olive oil. Meanwhile I'm gonna cut my carrots and potatoes  in the similar size of the peas, in small cubes. A small hint that I learned from my mother-in-law,   makes this dish even more delicious.  I'm gonna halfway fry my

Classic Turkish menu for dinner

 carrots and   potatoes. Then continue to cook with the dish. If  you want you can skip this step and add directly. The onions got some caramelized colors. So I'm  adding my tomato and red pepper paste, going to   cook for a couple of more minutes. And in the  meantime, I'm gonna chop four cloves of garlic. It is really handy. And makes it quickly prepare  the dish, if you have cooked ground beef or meat.   You can keep it in the fridge for about a  week and in the freezer for much longer time.   The vegetables are still  firm. They're gonna cook more.   We just want to give some more  flavor with the frying process. I'm using frozen peas. So I'm gonna add it  now. If you are using canned, make sure to  

Simmering on low heat

 cook everything. And then add the peas in the  last 5 minutes. Some salt, black pepper, paprika. Give it a good stir. And add enough water,  just to create some steam not all the way. Cook like this for about 5-10 minutes. It will  give more flavor to the peas. Add enough hot water   to cover and continue to  cook simmering on low heat. Meanwhile I'm making my rice pilaf  as a side dish with vermicelli pasta. Always use a wide pan if possible for dishes  like rice and bulgur. I heated up some butter   and olive oil. And first going to brown my  vermicelli pasta to give some nutty flavor. I already soaked my rice in warm, salty water for  about half and hour. And washed it truly drained. And now adding to my

 vermicelli. And going  to sauté for a couple of more minutes. My peas are halfway cooked for about  half and hour. So I'm gonna first add   my carrots. Because it's gonna take  more time to cook than potatoes.   And after about five minutes, going to add  my potatoes as well to cook them together. Gently check the bottom of the pan.   If the rice soaked all the water and if it is soft  enough, then you

My peas are halfway cooked

 can turn it off. And make sure to   let it rest at least for 15 minutes.  And fold it gently to make it fluffy. You can serve the peas along with the   rice in a big plate. But  traditionally we eat them separately. And since I have these classic,   small "lokanta" plates, restaurant plates,  I'm gonna serve them separately to

 show you. It's a comforting dish, complete  with rice and leek in olive oil.   You can also serve some yogurt. It goes  well with rice after the main dish.   If you asked me what to serve as a dessert  after it, I would definitely say Turkish   Semolina Cake with syrup "Şambalı".  Afiyet olsun! And see you next time. 

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