EASY YOGURT SOUP With LEGUMES & Yogurt Soup Ideas! - English


EASY YOGURT SOUP With LEGUMES & Yogurt Soup Ideas! - English

An interesting and easy-to-make Legume  Soup with Yogurt to save the day!   "Yoğurtlu Bakliyat Çorbası". This is Aysenur Altan. I'm also going to  give you 3 more Turkish yogurt soup ideas! I'm going to use four different legumes,   each 2 tbsp. I have rice, green  lentils, red lentils, and bulgur. Instead of bulgur, you can also use cracked  barley or any type of wheat that cooks quickly. I'm gonna bring them together wash and drain them. Going simply boil everything in a medium-sized  soup pan with 1 liter of cold water. This is how it looks after 10 minutes. A simple hint, if there is foam happens on top of  the legumes, you can collect and discharge them.   Then if you use your chicken stock or 

I made my stock from marrow bones

 meat broth to give an extra flavor. I made my stock from marrow bones.   It is a very simple and healthy way to give  more flavor and richness to your soups or stews. While they are cooking, I'm gonna  prepare my sauce for the soup.   Heating medium-sized pot and  dice 1 medium size onion. In my dishes, I always use a mix of butter and  either olive or vegetable oil. But if you want   to make your soup vegetarian, just simply skip  using the stock and add only vegetable oil. To thicken and bind my soup, I'm gonna make  another mixture with yogurt. I have homemade 1 cup whole milk yogurt.

 Adding  1 egg and 1 heaped tbsp flour. Whisk until everything is combined.   And we're gonna need to warm the mixture before  adding back to our soup to prevent curdling. To my sauteéing onion, I'm also going to  add roughly chopped 3 cloves of garlic. To warm my yogurt mix, I'm drizzling from the  water of the soup while whisking continuously. After you can feel the mixture is  warm, you can put it back in the pan. As you can see I'm also searing the soup  while adding back the yogurt mixture.   This way it will be silky, and smooth. I continued to simmer my soup until it  is bubbly and thick. If it is thicker,   you can add some hot water  and check the consistency. Back to my sauteéd onion and garlic mixture, 

I continued to simmer my soup

 I'm adding about 2 heaped tbsp of dried mint. And about a tbsp not so heaped if it is hot,   "pul biber" red pepper flakes. I  also drizzled some more olive oil. Right before the serving time,   you can reheat the onion mixture and add it to  your soup lightly stir and it is ready to serve. It came out really rich and delicious my friends.  Has very easy 3 steps. You just boil the legumes,   sauté some onion and mix the egg and  yogurt mixture and come together. If you love using yogurt in your soups,  I have 3 more Turkish classic yogurt soup   recipes in my archive. The first one is "Yayla  Çorbası" Yogurt Soup with

 Rice and Mint Sauce.   This is very classic and simple. This  time I only boil some rice with water   and for the thickened sauce. Again I  have thick yogurt, flour, and an egg. The same technique is after warming  the mixture with some hot water.   You put it back into the rice  and cook until it thickens. The butter and mint sauce is a must-have  for yogurt soups. I served this light soup   with a beautiful Southeastern part Kebab  "Belen Tava" Bulgar Pilaf and a salad. The second one is "Lebeniye

This is very classic and simple

 Çorbası".  It's kind of a rich version of Yayla soup.   Along with a thick yogurt base, it has rice,  chickpeas, and small kofta balls in the soup.   You can simply make the kofta  mixture in the food processor   with some onion, spices, and minced meat.  Add cooked chickpeas to the boiled rice.   And while they are cooking, sauté  the koftas and add them to your soup. The binding yogurt sauce is the  same, has flour, eggs, and yogurt.   And we finish again with dried mint butter sauce.  For the full recipe, check the links down below. And the final yogurt recipe is  called "Ayran Aşı" Cold Yogurt  

 Soup. This is my favorite during hot  summer times. In this version, we boil   pearl barley or crooked wheat barley,  after it is soaked in the water until soft.   Then what I do is I put it in a container and  keep it in the fridge, ready to make my soup. Just add to your bowl about 2 full  tbsp of thick beautiful yogurt,   diluted with some water. Add some salt and  dried mint. This time we're not gonna sauté. You

 can add cooked chickpeas or corn  kernels on top. And it is ready.   Very simple and very delicious. So, my friends,  I hope you give them a try. If you enjoyed the   video, don't forget to give thumbs up and  leave your comments. Check the links for the   recipes and more. Stay tuned and stay safe.  I hope to see you next time. Afiyet olsun! 

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