Frying Pan Bread: Two Easy and Delicious Methods

Frying Pan Bread: Two Easy and Delicious Methods


Hi everyone Marhaba welcome back to my channel this is Ashen Alton in this episode we are going to make an easy bread in a pan on store top I made the recipe with two different techniques one is easier without waiting it to double in size and in the second one it will be more fluffy and ticky both came out delicious so let's begin foreign Bowl I'm adding one and a half cups of warm water one tablespoon oil and first about four cups of all-purpose flour along with half package 20 grams fresh yeast and one and a half teaspoon salt and 2 teaspoon sugar you can also use one tablespoon dry yeast instead but

Ssalt doesn't touch to the yeast

make sure the salt doesn't touch to the yeast I need everything until it becomes a dough soft it should be a little bit on the Sticky Side and after it is neat well and smooth I ate it a bit oil so I can turn it into Bowl easily   foreign I cut the dough into half and then shape it first into rounds and unroll it until it fits to my 20 to 24 centimeter pants both pans are non-stick one of them are little bit bigger I just placed it and a cover and do the same with the other half of the dough and I'm going to let them double in size in the pan for about half an hour to 45 minutes this way we will not need to transfer the doubled shaped dough to prevent losing its shape foreign S as you can see they are puffed up a little bit now


we can begin to cook them on stovetop the heat should be low so it can continue to rise while setting from beginning from the bottom and also close the lid to make a warm place inside after about 15 minutes your kitchen will begin to smell like a bakery it means it formed a crust in Golden color and it's time to turn it over   after cooking for about 10 more minutes again on low medium Heat I turned it back over and checked it Springs back nicely and both sides are done so they are ready be patient and don't slice them while they are still hot it might be hard to wait with this delicious smell as you can see it Springs back nicely we have Golden Crust so let's try now the bread was still warm I couldn't


wait much longer because sun was setting but I was very happy with the result let me show you closer I tried it with some kaimak and orange marmalade I shared recently comparing it with this easy method I used to shape and cook it's a perfect bread but still the next day I wanted to give it a second try to make more fluffy the thick bread so I made the same dough and wanted to fold it to give some extra strength so it can keep the air packets inside just simply oil your hands and then Fold It couple of times you can stretch the dough by hitting to the counter top as you can see and this way I was able to keep the precious air pocket inside the door   and this time I also rested my dough until it is doubled

Springs back nicely we have Golden Crust 

before shaping it to make my bread thicker I used 60 grams which is about 2 3 of it and used the rest to make a fried dough which I'm gonna show you in another episode this time also I didn't use a rolling pin instead open it with my hands   since I'm using cast iron pan I wanted to sprinkle some cornmeal and again now I place it they cover it and let it rise until it is doubled after 30 minutes it was risen for half an hour but I waited a little bit more you can check how puffy it is with your finger and

waited for 15 more minutes and then begin to cook it I baked it for two minutes on high so the pan can heat up and then 20 minutes about on low check after 15 sprinkled some more cornmeal on top so it doesn't stick foreign after it sets if it has nice golden color you can turn it over  the other

Doesn't take much time to cook 


side doesn't take much time to cook so it was ready in about 25-30 minutes   foreign   for 20-30 minutes let's check the inside of it   I can see some more air pockets inside and it was a thick more fluffy perfect improvement with a little bit difference in the technique we made so give it a try I'm sure I will make this bread more often I have many other bread recipes check the links down below stay tuned for more thanks for watching and see you next time  

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