Homemade Phyllo Yufka Dough From Scratch & Easiest Method To Cook On Stovetop - English


Homemade Phyllo Yufka Dough From Scratch & Easiest Method To Cook On Stovetop - English

Hi everyone! this is Aysenur  Altan. Welcome back to my channel.  In this episode, we are going to make  Turkish phyllo sheets which we call "yufka".  In many recipes in Turkish  cuisine, we use these yufka sheets.  They are big in round shape, hand-rolled  but we usually buy them from markets.  It's widely available in Turkey. Normally you can also use the frozen   phyllo sheets, rectangular. The thick  one is the closest one to the one we use.  But in this episode, I'm going to show you easily  how you can roll it using only a rolling pin,   not the thin oklava with an easy method.  We're gonna cook five-ten pieces together.   It's gonna be very soft. You can freeze it use it  in many recipes. In the upcoming

 episode, I'm gonna   also show you how we can turn it into borek,  the possibilities are endless, so let's begin!  I already made my dough. They are resting.  Let me tell you how I made it quickly:  One cup lukewarm water, I used cheese water  that is left from the cheese I'm experimenting,   and share it with you. About a teaspoon of  yeast, it's optional. Again teaspoon oil,   teaspoon salt. I'm gonna add it after the  flour, and about close to three cups flour.   Keep this for later. The salt and I'm gonna  knead until it is smooth and not sticky. From which country are you watching?  Greetings from Istanbul Turkey!

 Shape the dough into a log and  then cut it into small sizes.   The pan size I'm gonna cook is about 32  centimeters so 12-13 pieces are better.   But if your pan is small or if you want  to roll out smaller, just make about 16   pieces. Then roll it into round shapes with  the help of my palm and the countertop. So they are rested for about 15 minutes.   I'm gonna keep this one so the ones that I'm not  rolling will stay soft. Let's begin to roll now. I'm gonna use both flour and cornstarch.  It helps to roll out more easily.   It is optional but if you can find use it. Okay,  let's get from the starch mixture and roll. Just keep

 turning 90 degrees. Here is the second one. So I'm gonna place them  near the stovetop, a couple of them and then   we can begin to cook. Let me also show  you how you can roll out two together. Roll one like this. And the second one is just a little. Since it has corn starch in it, it  will help not to stick. Use generously   and then roll them both together. From time to time we can turn it  over to see if it is sticking. Sprinkle some flour and then continue to roll. After it is big enough, you can separate  and

 continue to roll a bit more. My 32 centimeters in diameter non-stick pan is  heated well, now I'm gonna begin to cook them. For the first one, we're gonna cook both sides.   It's not gonna take much time  for about 30 seconds okay. After 10 seconds, I begin to add  the second one on top of the first. It is on

 medium-high. So I turn it back. And as soon as I turn it  over, I put the third one.   You see some brown spots it will be enough for  us. It will continue to dry between the sheets.   With this method, we cook the yufka  sheets slowly without over-drying them, like 15 more seconds and here is the next one.   So I'm gonna continue to cook them like this and  it's gonna be ready in like five-ten minutes,   all of them. In the meantime, I'm gonna prepare  a quick filling to wrap with my yufkas for my   daughter. I have green peppers from the  freezer, ground beef sauteed with onion.   Just do more whenever you use ground  beef so it is ready in the fridge. If you have watched till here you can support with  and

 comments  So I cooked almost all of them and now  I'm gonna place them into a kitchen towel. In order to keep them soft, we need to  moisture more you can use a spritz bottle,   but I don't have it right now. So I'm gonna just  drizzle some water like this which is a good old   method. And place them back here.  You see the steam coming between the   sheets, that's how it is dried while keeping them  soft but we can dampen it just a little bit more. So I'm gonna cover them again  make "Tantuni" (home style).

 Let's make quick "Ayran", yogurt, some salt, and water. As you can see they are very soft you can use  them as a wrap. Let's taste from the "tantuni".   It's really delicious. Give it a try, give your  ideas. What fillng would you use, and stay tuned   for the borek and other recipes that you can make  with homemade yufka sheets. See you next time... 

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