How I Make My Sourdough Bread Easy Way - English


How I Make My Sourdough Bread Easy Way - English

Hi everyone, merhaba. This is Aysenur Altan. Welcome back to my channel. In this episode we are making Turkish style sourdough bread with an easy method. For 100 of years, our ancestors are making sourdough bread. It was way different than today. No scaling, no bread machines. They were leaving some of the kneaded dough to use for the bread and baking it. So I decided to mix up all the informations I got with the mother technic. And make my sourdough bread this way. So let's begin.

 So first thing, you have to have a sourdough starter. There are many recipes on internet, detailed one with scaling. If you don't have ready or if you can not find it from your neighbors or bakeries, sometimes they do share it. You can make your own sourdough starter by mixing. First 1/4 of a cup water and close to half cup flour. It just has to be sticky mixture. Not to runny. And then continue to feed the same amount every day. Keep it close. But make sure it gets some air to activate the dough for our starter. And I continue to feed it for 7-8 days until it begins to become a starter. It bubbles, smells

 sour. That's how we understand. But I just wanted to make it fast here. Because there are many recipes explaining it well on internet. You can check them. And I'm also going to write how I did it in to the description box below. Here is my starter. I take it out from fridge and wait for an hour to come at room temperature. And I'm gonna slowly feed. And let it wakes up. Just eye balling. I'm not scaling it. Add it about 1/4 of a cup water and same amount or a bit more flour. And in about 45 minutes and half and hour, you will see it will rise and bubbles. And feed it one more time again some amount. The flour

 amount is a bit more. I just check the consistency. And add more flour if needed. Until it is not runny. So I used half cup water and more than half cup flour. And this is the final look as you can see. It's very bubbly, risen well. And it's ready to mix with my bread dough. Usually I don't scale. But for you I did. And I'm using about 1 cup sour dough starter. And to that, I'm gonna add 2 cups of water. This is also the amount that my stand mixer can mix. And to that, I added 5 cups of flour. Usually I add 1 cup of it whole wheat and the other regular flour. We don't have much bread flour on markets here in Turkey. So I'm using all purpose. I'm sure it would be better if I use bread flour. But we don't have it commonly. 

So I don't use it. So I mix it with the flour. It is somewhat sticky now. I waited for about 10 minutes and then add the rock salt. It is about 2 tsp. Adding a bit more water about 1 tbsp more to mix it evenly. And then continue to knead. Adding more flour if needed. Until it is somewhat sticky. And I kneaded about 5-6 more minutes. It is still soft. And it has the salt know. It's ready to rest. If you like you can add molasses or about tbsp sugar in it. Or other nuts of course, you can flavor it. And I rest my dough for

 about half and hour and then going to transfer it to this big container with lid. And it will help me to fold my dough easily. I drizzled some olive oil here. So it doesn't stick. And to fold it, just gently stretch from sides and fold. Turn it ones, 90 degree and do the same. After that, it will be harder to fold. So we have to wait another half and hour. Sometimes I forgot it becomes one hour or more. It's okay. Just don't worry. After half and hour it begins to rise and rested. I dip my hands to water this time. It helps not to stick again. Don't use flour here. We don't want to use much flour. And again stretch and fold it. I did

 this for 3 times. Leaving half and hour each time. And then rest it again. I usually begin making my dough. Late in the morning. And with the foldings and resting, it becomes, it takes about 6 hours. And this is night time. My dough is risen well. Actually I could have shape it before this time. So you can do it after 3 folding. But I had many things to do and I just forgot. It's okay. So to shape it, flour the counter top generously. And then take the dough out. Sometimes I use a big round pan and make a big

 one sourdough bread. But this time, I'm gonna shape it into 2 to show you. So just gently cut it and fold it to create nice surfaces on top. And place it to your baking tray. The first one has lid on top. It creates more steam inside. But for the second one, I'm using this rectangular regular cake pan. And I had some similar pan I'm gonna just cover it with it. You can also use cast-iron pan to bake it. And for the second one, I sprinkled some whole wheat brand at the bottom. And now they are ready to rest. I cover them

 and out it into the fridge to fermented for about 8 hours or overnight. So the next morning, I take it out from the fridge. And wait for and hour to become to room temperature again. My oven is pre-heated to 210 celsius degree. You can sprinkle some flour on top. Cover and bake 30 minutes with the lid on and then open the lid. And continue to bake for another half and hour to 40 minutes until it has nice crust at the bottom and top. Of course it looks better with the crunchy, crust, fresh from the oven hot. But it is

 best eaten actually the next day. Or at least wait to become at room temperature. And then enjoy it. So this is how I make my bread. After you get use to it, you don't want regular store bought breads anymore. Because it's really tasty and stays fresh for a longer time. Give it a try. And make sure to prepare some nice Turkish style breakfast and tea. I have many recipes and episodes about Turkish breakfasts as well. You can check from the links. Thanks for watching. I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish Food Recipes and Travel vlogs. Afiyet olsun! 

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