Make a MILK CAKE With Just 3 Spoon Of Everything Heres How! - English


Make a MILK CAKE With Just 3 Spoon Of Everything Heres How! - English

Make a Milk Cake with just 3 spoons of everything! Think of a milk cake so fluffy, and so good  and you can put it together in no time,   even kids can make it. Yet the results remind  you of "Tres Leches" Trileçe without caramel   sauce or a lighter version of "Şambalı"  or "Revani" Semolina Cake. Let's make it. In the recipe, I'm gonna use; 3 eggs,   3 tablespoons of each sugar,  flour, semolina, milk and oil. We are not going to separate the yolks and whites. And I'm gonna use hand mixer. But even you  can make it with wire whisk. As you can see   the tablespoons are heaped. This is important and I'm

  gonna whisk until the sugar and eggs are frothing. Next the wet ingredients, 3 tbsp milk Süt and 3 tbsp vegetable oil, ayçiçek yağı. From your comments over the year I know that you have  coarse and thin semolina. We only have one type. And I think it is between course  and thin as you have described. You can try with whichever you have.   Adding again heaped of semolina along with  the flour, baking powder and vanilla. As a basic hint when making cakes,  it is best to use the lowest setting after adding the dry ingredients.  You can even use just wire whisker. I have very thin batter and I'm gonna use a

 medium  size baking dish. Just lightly oiling the bottom   and going to pour the mixture. My own is preheated to 180 celsius degree. And I'm gonna bake until I have a nice golden  color top and bottom for about a 20-25 minutes. Next, we're gonna make the milk syrup. I  have 300-milliliter water and added 200   milliliter milk. You can use only milk  if you like. I wanted to make it lighter. Adding 3/4 of a cup sugar and going  to whisk until sugar dissolves. Also my friends, the original recipe calls for 600  milliliters syrup. I wanted to make it a bit less. But the cake is so light even it could have get  more

 syrup. So it's up to you. I'm poking my milk   cake base. And let it rest for 5 minutes  to cool down a bit and pour the milk syrup. The cake is so light. It soaks  right away all the milk syrup. It was still warm. So I placed a  trevet to help let it cool down.   Then you can either serve at room  temperature or cold a chilling in the fridge. I really like since from my childhood to add shredded coconut flakes on top of  "revani" or a similar cake like this with syrup.   If you have other ideas you are  welcome to add it in your comments. As you can see there is no syrup left in the  bottom of the tray. The cake soaked all of it. And it was really light my friends. Once  you begin eating you cannot stop yourself. Probably it's

 gonna be our new favorite during  Ramadan specially. And it tastes very similar   to Tres Leches, "Trileçe" cake. I'm gonna add  similar recipes in the end of the video. Give   it a try and check the others as well if you like  light cakes with syrup this kind of milk cakes.   And would be happy to see your results in the  comments. Thanks for watching and see you next time. In this episode I have a very popular dessert  recipe that has a fluffy cake and milky syrup   topped with caramel sauce Tres Leche.

 Here in  Türkiye it is known that it comes from Balkan  region. But when I made a little search  I found out it is very popular in Latin   America especially in Mexico too. "Trileçe" comes from  3 milk which is milk condensed milk and   evaporated milk. But in Türkiye we say 3 milk  is called sheep and goat milk. But since we can't   find it easily, we use heavy cream, milk and top  it with delicious caramel sauce. Since I always   prefer using fresh possible ingredients  and our heavy cream has thickening agent   and other stuff too. I made little changes in the  recipe and it turned out very good indeed. 

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