My Baking Routine! Four Baking Recipes To Save Your Week - English


My Baking Routine! Four Baking Recipes To Save Your Week - English

It's my baking day. Since  I'm making my bread at home,   I usually try to bake some sweet and savory  dishes to put in a freezer and eat the whole week.   This time I'm making four recipes; a banana  cake, sourdough bread, cheese filled "poğaça"   and pumpkin bread. I will take some of them  to my mother-in-law the next day as a gift.   So let's begin. First I'm making "Peynirli Poğaça". It is  our favorite at

 home as well as in many   homes in Turkey. It's perfect for breakfast or  with afternoon tea, whenever you are hungry.   With this amount I will have  two full trays of "poğaça". I'm going to rest my dough in an oiled  bowl until it is doubled in size. The day before I prepared my sourdough  bread, it was resting in the fridge.   After it comes back to at room temperature  and dries more, I will bake it.   The third recipe is pumpkin bread.  It's a wish from my daughter. During winter time, when we buys pumpkin, along  with making traditional Turkish pumpkin dessert, we usually use some of it to make this bread.

   With the pumpkin puree inside, it has  soft, kind of sweet texture of its own.   I shared both recipes before on my channel.  You can check the links to watch it in details. Back to "poğaça", I'm  preparing the cheese filling. I'm going to use about a third of a cup aged  white cheese from the breakfast. And about 1 cup   regular white cheese feta, some  chopped parsley from the freezer.   And a little bit shredded kashar  cheese. You can use mozzarella. Normally we shape the "poğaças" one by  one adding filling and then close it.   Since I'm working with a lot of recipes, I wanted  to try an easier version for

 half of the dough. I'm going to use this roulette to decorate  the top of my "poğaças". I shared a similar   "poğaça" recipe using this roulette to  decorate. You can check the links to watch. But this time since I'm making too many recipes   at once, I wanted to try an  easier version to shape it. After cutting for about three  centimeter in thickness,   I sealed both ends. So the cheese can stay  inside and place it leaving some space to rise. My sourdough bread is almost ready to bake.   For the second half of my 

 "poğaça" dough, I'm going to   shape it classically in rounds.  Filling the cheese separately. My fourth and final recipe is a banana cake.   I usually make this cake when I  have over ripened bananas at home.   And we love it so much. I even have some  bananas in the freezer to use for this recipe. It is similar to a classic a Turkish cake  with vegetable oil. But instead of milk,   I use same amount of

 banana puree. As a final touch, I added about half cup each  chopped walnuts and bittersweet chocolate pieces. And as a second final touch, I sprinkled  some brown sugar. It gives a crunchy topping. Back to the pumpkin bread. The only thing  I need is to make two loaves. You can use a   regular tray. But I'm gonna use this "baget" tray  I have. It's gonna make it look even more pretty. My "poğaças"continue to

 rise in the pan.   So it's time to egg wash and bake  it right after the banana cake. After I done with the kitchen,   we had our afternoon coffee along with the  "poğaças" and cakes. And while they are still   fresh, just cool down. I put some of it to freezer  bags and put it into the freezer for later use. And these are the ones I'm gonna take with  me when I visit my mother-in-law next day. This is his home. This is

 very famous pickle shop. We are in Fatih, going to my  mother-in-law for breakfast now. My mother-in-law's classic eggs  with butter and white cheese. After the breakfast, we prepared the  main dish for dinner. So it can be ready.   This time It was green beans with  ground beef from the freezer. I'm out, going to meet one of  my followers for a food tour. We had our soup here and  I'm now going to the "pide". So thank you so much for  the gifts. They are lovely. Beautiful wait for my video with it. 

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