My Routine Turkish Breakfast VLOG - English


My Routine Turkish Breakfast VLOG - English

In the previous episode I shared how to make  fried dough for breakfast or quick lunch   with a simple yeast dough. In this episode I'm gonna show you two more  different bread style. You can make with the   same dough on a stove top. Let me quickly get over  with the dough recipe. I'm making simple yeast   dough with one cup lukewarm water, three cups  of flour, one teaspoon each double acting yeast,   salt and sugar. Just make a smooth  nice dough. Turn it into a bowl   and let it rest until it is doubled. I usually

  double the amount and use it for two days for   breakfast. You can keep it in the fridge. Just let  it come into a room temperature before shaping.   Cnd cut the risen dough into  two and one half into a five-six   pieces. And roll it like this, either with your  hand. And let it rise again for about15 minutes   on countertop, covering with a damp cloth.  And I begin to cook on my non-stick pan.   Closing the lid. And the other half, I cut it  into a three-four pieces and this time roll out   the dough thinner about 2-3

 millimeter cover  and let them rest while others are cooking. The first ones begin to rise. The heat is about a medium low to a medium.   Because in this version we want to fully cook  the one side while it is a rising slowly.   It takes about 3-4 minutes one side and then  gently turn it over and cook the other side. It's early in the morning breakfast time and  while my bread is cooking and tea is brewing,   I'm making "Menemen". "Menemen"   is one of the most popular Turkish breakfast  dish. You can eat any

 time of the day.   I have the detailed recipe already on my  channel with 2 million views and thousands of   trying and nice comments. So if you  haven't tried yet, you are missing a lot. Checking my breads. They form a nice crust   and it's springy. The inside is  fully cooked and they are done. Now I'm gonna

 do a pita bread with the same dough  and a pocket inside for this one. We need a higher   flame. So turn on to medium high and as soon  as you see the bubbles. Gently turn it over. Because in this version we want to   keep the steam inside while creating some  crust on the outer skin of the dough. And   this way the steam will stay inside. And as you  can see it will puff up and become a pita bread. It was the first

 week of June and  a breezy nice day. So we decided to   have a picnic in our garden with my daughter. Okay we are in the picnic, near our house.  But it is very windy. We cannot even stand   the table clothes, everything is flying  almost. But still we just gonna have our tea   and try to enjoy with my daughter. It's the last day with my mom. She's returning  back to Kastamonu. And today before I leave her,   we're gonna have picnic. We about  fresh bread. My daughter is bringing   "poğaça". It's like a rich bread with  different feelings and of course tea. Here they are. 

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