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Hello everyone,  this is Aysenur Altan.   I'm very excited. I got my new air fryer  finally. Some of you might already have   for years, and some of you still don't. I've just  got it recently and I've been trying new recipes,   especially on my mind is to try Turkish recipes to  be able to cook in the air fryer for those of you,   who are using to get an alternative recipe.  So let's begin. My first try was of course the   potato chips or French fries. Our first impression  was really nice. We cooked it for the breakfast. After

 cutting I soaked them in some salty  water. Drain well and pet dry.     With about 2-3 tablespoons of  olive oil I could add even less. For me, the best thing is to get as much  as cooking possible. For my air fryer,   I added about 450 grams of potatoes. I cooked for about 17 minutes  at 205 Celsius degree.   Some of them were soft but  still got nice crispy ones. With this much of the potatoes, the  result was mostly crispy and delicious.   They usually during afternoon eat, something  as a snack. So I thought it would be nice   to quickly cook one savory and one sweet  recipe in an air fryer, rather than opening   an oven. That's why as a second recipe, I  tried a banana muffin and Turkish borek. I put them into cups that can hold their shape.  Sprinkled some sugar and nuts on top.

 Then I   realized that I didn't preheat my air fryer and  put everything out and back again after heating.     And while the cake was baking for about 20  minutes, I already had my borek dough rested   in oil. So I quickly begin shaping my borek  to put right after the muffins.     The borek needs some skills, but not  too hard. I'm planning to share it soon   as a whole episode. Of course, you can

 make it  with ready yufka sheets or phyllo dough sheets   whichever filling you want. I use just plain  Turkish cheese after opening. It is really nice   to stretch the restore then I put some cheese  and then roll it to fit my air fryer.   I also used baking paper and to  give some extra flow to the bottom,   I cut some of the parts in patterns. This  was fun for me to make when I was a child. I continue to stretch and shape two more pieces  of dough. And I was able to finish my borek   before the muffin bakes.   The muffins were looking really nice and crispy  on top. A bit lighter in color at the bottom. 

  So I cooked for four or five more minutes  and then popped the borek right after it. I used baking settings and 200  Celsius degrees for the borek. After about 10 minutes it  was getting some nice color,   but needed more time. So I  cooked it for another 5 minutes. And it was nice in color but of  course, the bottom wasn't cooked   enough. So I turned it over and continue  to cook for another about 10 minutes. This is after nine more minutes  the bottom side of my borek.  I wanted to give it a bit more color, so  cooked it for another four or five minutes.     As a first try with my new air fryer,  I am happy

 with the result. But I want   to make some changes to get a better  recipe for you. So stay tuned for more   to come and the special episodes  using the air fryer for recipes. Of course, this doesn't mean that I'm gonna  use an only air fryer. I'm gonna give both   options to you if you want to use an  air fryer or make it traditionally.   Let me show you my banana muffin. It was  nicely cooked especially the top and inside.   Could have been a bit darker in color on the  bottom part. But still, it was okay.     After the breakfast and kind of  quick lunch or snack recipes,   I made a quick dinner using my air fryer.

 Which  was simply chicken veggies and potatoes again.   Since it was an experiment, I didn't film from  the beginning, but I saw that it's gonna be very   delicious. So halfway opened the camera.  First I begin to cook the chicken pieces   with onions. Then add the carrots and  peppers and halfway I added the potatoes.   Adding the quick-cooking veggies at halfway. I was  able to add more ingredients without overcrowding   my air fryer. It was really really delicious more  than I expected. Because it

 really cooks like   an oven dish. First, all the flavors mingle very  well. So it was really very tasteful and easy to   make in an air fryer.   Another quick recipe  we tried with my daughter was a kind of Turkish   pizza made with stale bread. It has a very simple  beautiful mixture to place on top of stale bread   tomatoes, red and green peppers, cheese, and eggs  with some spices. And it even cooks better in an   air fryer than in a conventional oven. And I'm  planning to make another episode for it. So you 

  can easily see it as an archive. Since these were  my first experiences and testing, it would be a   longer video to share here as well. Here are some  of the other recipes I tried using an air fryer.   I cannot wait to share in my recipe collection  with air fryers. One of the top ones will   be probably Ramadan Pide. This was my first  experience with my new instant Vortex air fryer,   cannot wait to try more. If you have any recipes  that I should know, you should really try this   one this is perfect, just tell

 me. I can also  make your recipes. I continue to try more. The   list will go probably longer. So I would be  happy to hear which one would you like me to   share first. So thanks for watching and stay  tuned for more air fryer recipes. Check to   link and subscribe to my channel if you haven't  yet and hopefully I'll see you next time.     Thank you. 



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