No Yeast BREAD In 15 Minutes! Easy Bazlama I Can Make Every Week - English


No Yeast BREAD In 15 Minutes!  Easy Bazlama I Can Make Every Week - English

Welcome to Turkish Food and Travel. In  this episode we are making No Yeast No   Oven Easy Pita Breads. They are so  soft and fun to make. Let's begin. The dough is very simple. I  have half cup plain yogurt, and 1 cup liquid warm water. Instead of yeast, we're gonna use baking  powder. Simply add it to the mixture   and give it a good stir. The baking  powder will activate with the yogurt   and we'll have to make a soft  bread like it works in the cake. I added three and a half cups of  flour first and one

 teaspoon salt. Going to stir with a wooden spoon. And after I cannot stir anymore, I'm gonna  continue to knead with my hands. Adding more flour   until it becomes a soft playable dough. After it comes together, drizzle about a  tbsp of vegetable oil. Knead once more.   Turn it into a bowl and  let it rest for 10 minutes. Now I'm gonna cut the dough into 12 pieces. With the help of flour, shaped  dough pieces into balls again. You can do this with either your hands  or with the help of the countertop. Next I'm

 gonna roll out the pieces beginning  from the one eye shaped. First into about   15 to 20 centimeters in diameter. To cook my easy "bazlama"s, I'm  gonna use my cast iron griddle pan.   You can use regular cast iron  or non-stick pan as well. It's early in the morning and I'm making these  breads for breakfast. So I'm also going to prepare   my Turkish tea. I already have both Turkish  breakfast and Turkish tea recipes on my channel.   Make sure to cover the dough balls with a  damp cloth while you are baking

 the others. There are couple of tricks to cook it well.  The first one is, the pan should be heated well.   Here I'm using two stoves and  the one on the left was lower   in temperature. And now you will see the  differences how it affects the cooking. After 40 seconds, when I begin to see bubbles, I turned  them over. The one on the left didn't change   the color that much because of the low heat. I  realized that, so I turned it up a little bit. But it did affect the steam inside. So it  didn't rise up as much as the other one.

 But it's okay. They will cook anyway. After a couple of cookings, you will  understand the heat how much it should be. Like medium high and make sure the pan  is well heated. Here are the next ones. I didn't want to cut to show you exactly.   After 30 seconds, I begin to see the  bubbles. It's not 40 seconds this time. And after again cooking for about 40 more seconds,  I turned them again and this way we will create   a steam inside which will  open the bread like a balloon. After that, now I can flip them over 

 couple of more times to make sure they   are cooked. And usually in total it  takes about two and a half minutes. Thinking about the ones that will make it for  the first time. I'm gonna show a couple of mores,   how I cook and flip it over play with the heat. And then show you the final result. Here they are ready. To keep them soft, you can cover it  with a damp cloth while cooking them. Another choice would be oil them before serving. But it is optional. It can also be freezed well   to enjoy freshly

 whenever you want. They are  very soft as you can see and puffed up well. We really liked it. Perfect  for making sandwich of course.   So here how I served with my Turkish breakfast.  We had some eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers,   cheeses and olives. You can eat along  with the breakfast or make sandwiches   or eat with the main dish instead of  dinner rolls as how my followers do   in Pakistan and India as far as I know.  Give a comment if you are one of them.   I have many other similar bread recipes.  Make sure to check the links down below.   Thanks for watching and see you  in the next episode. Afiyet olsun! 

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