PERFECT Chicken Shish Kebab! 30 Minutes Meal! You’ll Want To Make Every Week! - English


PERFECT Chicken Shish Kebab! 30 Minutes Meal! You’ll Want To Make Every Week! - English

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my channel. This is  "Aysenur Altan" we are going to prepare another   Turkish meal with a famous main dish made from  chicken breast: shish kebab! I'm gonna do it on   stove top. We're gonna marinate the chickens.  If you have time, do it early in the morning   or the night before. I'm also going to make green  lentil soup from the Kastamonu, where my father is   from I brought these green lentils. They are  organic, very small. It tastes really great.   Different than the

 regular ones. And bulgur wheat  pilaf along with the salad and Ottoman Keshkul   dessert made with almonds. Great Turkish menu  and it's gonna be delicious with the shish kebab. So first thing I did was preparing the  chicken breast for the marinade. Just wash,   and cut the chicken breasts in big  cubes, like 3 centimeter I can say.   I added black pepper, red pepper flakes, cumin,   and oregano with some olive oil. About  four or five tbsp. Milk same amount,   and two three cloves of garlic. Mix everything, 

 cover it and let it sit in the fridge.   So next thing, green lentil soup.  I'm chopping two onions for both  the soup and the bulgur rice. I'm gonna work with the two  dishes at the same time. I'm heating up mix of vegetable  and olive oil in two pans. Adding the onions and begin to sauté. Wash and rinse "siyez" wheat and green  lentils. 2 cloves of garlic for the soup   and about tbsp tomato paste. To give extra

 flavor, you can  add one chopped fresh tomato. Meanwhile I'm gonna sauté my  bulgur wheat for about 3-4 minutes. To give extra flavor, i'm adding one  tbsp butter for the bulgur wheat. When you are cooking, make sure you  always have hot water on the side. Adding lentils and since I have  it, I'm adding frozen meat stock. My soup and "siyez" pilav is almost ready,  and meanwhile I'm gonna make my dessert.   "Keshkül" is an Ottoman dessert, a milk  pudding flavored with roasted almonds. I'm

 heating up milk and sugar mixture  while roasting the ground almonds.   And to thicken my pudding I'm gonna use  egg, corn starch and a little bit milk. I warm up the mixture by adding some hot milk  while whisking and then pour it back to the pan. And cook until it thickens with  the roasted almonds together.   Checking the bulgur pilaf and my soup. I added a bit more hot water for the consistency   and some homemade pasta  "erişte" we call in Turkish. O.K. My friends! My soup is done.   And a bulgur wheat pilaf. My chickens are rested.  The salad ingredients are ready. Just I'm gonna   chop, grate it.

 The dessert is cooling and the  last thing I need is to make the shish kebab. I have my skewers here, bamboo skewers.  Before placing the chicken I want to   cut some green peppers and red peppers  and then simply I'm gonna arrange it one   pepper and then chicken,  then red pepper and like so. When you place the chicken don't make it stiff,  place them loosely so they can cook better. To be able to serve them as hot as possible,   before begin to cook my shish kebabs,  I want to quickly make my salad too. I grated the carrots and beetroot. Finely chop some lettuce, parsley, and mint. Drizzled olive oil, lemon 

 juice, sprinkle some salt, cherry tomatoes, some green  peppers, and it's ready.  O.K. It's time to sizzle. Make sure your griddle is really hot,  drizzle some oil and begin to cook. In my very light saucepan I'm  heating some dried mint with olive oil   to pour as a final touch to my soup. Okay my dinner is ready.

 My soup is almost very   similar the one I filmed in Amasya  city the "Sakalaçarpan Çorba". Check the links for the detailed recipe from  a local chef. And the salad. Our chicken shish   kebab, along with the bulgur wheat "siyez"  from Kastamonu. And our Ottoman dessert.   I'm gonna try from the shish kebab  and then I can invite my family. Meat is very soft, I mean really soft. The siyez  bulgur is like earthy,

 just remembered Kastamonu.   They are racing in the flavor. I mean really. So I hope you enjoyed, another Turkish meal,   very traditional. And with the famous shish  kebab. Give it a try and share your comments   with me. I have many other menus like this,  make sure to check them. See you next time. 

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